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16 Nov

It’s Not Your Imagination More Pets Are Flying!

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Were you stuck at the airport over the holidays and noticed pet therapy dogs or maybe even therapy pigs cruising the long lines.  Over 30 airports now have regular programs to bring certified therapy animals and their handlers into terminal and mingle with passengers. San Jose International Airport was the first to implement a pet therapy program.  Dallas Ft. Worth soonly followed suit along it Denver after hearing of the success San Jose had with their program.  At Denver the program is called Canine Airport Therapy Squad that welcomes passengers to hug and hang out and get pictures taken with their dogs. Some airport are having so much success with the program they have introduced more animals besides dogs, Cincinnati and Kentucky Airport and now welcoming miniature horses and San Francisco has Lilou a Juliana-breed pig!  And in Albany you will find Bacon Bits a fun loving pot bellied pig. More Animals In The Air You may have also noticed more animals flying with their owners this past year.  Many airlines now allow pets to fly in the cabin of plane with their owners for a fee.  When they fly as carry-on with passengers in cabin the owners must pay a fee for the pet to fly.  On most airlines the fee is anywhere from $100-$125 each way. Many travelers are also flying with their emotional support animals for free.  With the costs of traveling with pets adding up along with baggage fees many travelers are now fly with their emotional support animals for free.  In order to travel with and emotional support animal the traveler must have the proper credentials.  All airlines require a medical recommendation letter from a licensed mental health specialist and identification card.      

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It’s Not Your Imagination More Pets Are Flying!

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