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16 Oct

The Scientific Evidence of Benefits of Emotional Support Animal

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For many years animals have been used to help individuals with disabilities accomplish their daily tasks.  Those with mental health issues and emotional issues such as anxiety, PTSD and depression are now using emotional support animals to help with these conditions. Sarah Smith a 22 year old United States Marine Police Officer suffers from an anxiety disorder that medication could never quite squelch.  After a trip to a pet store she found an answer to her anxiety issues, she discovered the benefits of an emotional support animal. "On a trip to the pet store I came across an African Senegal parrot, and we just clicked" she says.  "It wasn't long after that I noticed my parrot was very intuitive and could tell me when my anxiety was high or I was having a panic attack.  He would sit on my shoulder and offer me kisses and whistles of encouragement", she explains.  Smith was able to acquire and Emotional Support Animal Letter and now is able to travel with Zoboomfoo.  Now her pet parrot flies with her too, staying on her lap during flights and on her shoulder as she makes her way through the airport.  "Something that once caused me extreme stress is now just a trip wit a trusted friend," she says. The Benefits of Emotional Support Animals The mental and physical benefits of owning and living with a pet have been known for years:  Animals are simply just good for humans according to Psychology Today, studies have shown that owning a dog reduces blood pressure, lifts and prevent depression, slows the heart rate, and reduces muscle tension.  It is easy to see those that are struggling with mental and emotional issues would want to keep their animals by their sides. Smith is not alone with her appreciation of her emotional support animal. According to the Huffington Post the number of ESA's flying has increased 10 fold since the Department of Travel has softened its regulations regarding them.

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